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After Receiving a Serpents Hug, Grandma Lives as Mannequin

In Okinawa, there is a woman known as the ‘frozen granny’. Like a walking mannequin, she looks as young as her grandchildren!

Whenever 82-year-old Azumi walks down the street with her grandkids, people can’t help it but to assume that they were siblings, there was not even a single fine line on Azumi’s face!

A Bite To ‘Immortality’

So, just how did this granny achieve such glossy and plumped skin?

Professor Senko, the local snake expert, who has been studying snakes for the last 30 years has the answer:

“One day, I was bitten by the ‘Habu’ snakes native to Okinawa. Thankfully, the tiny amount of venom wasn’t enough to harm me.”

“But what happened next was nothing short of amazing. On the right side of my hand that was bitten, all the wrinkles and scars after years of handling snakes, began to fade.”

“I thought that it was only a temporary effect but it lasted for months! Since then, I’ve been studying the Habu snake’s venom carefully to know more about its hidden potential.”-

-Professor Senko

The Experiment

After various tests, he finally got the answer he needed. Professor Senko realized the Habu snake venom contains peptides with powerful lifting effects.

Like Botox, it helps to fade facial lines such as frown lines and smile lines which explains why after his right hand was bitten by the snake, it became as smooth and plumped like someone in their 30s.

Nature’s Botox: Habukie™

Since then, Professor Senko has been working with Japan’s top dermatologists to recreate a synthetic serum that produces the same effect as snake venom.

“We do not want to harm any snakes in the process of creating a product.”

“So, by using the latest state-of-the-art technology, we created a synthetic serum that mimics the Botox effects of the Habu snake’s venom.”

-Professor Senko

That is how Habukie™ was born. Habukie™ is a one-stop skin lifting solution which penetrates deep into the layers of the skin.

To further enhance the formula, we’ve boosted it with lines fading ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

Like a bottled face-lift, Habukie™ can reduce sagging skin and stubborn lines instantly not only for the face, but also around the neck.

Professor Senko further explains the science behind Habukie™:

“As we age, our skin begins to lose elastin. It is a protein found in our skin responsible in keeping our skin firm.”

“Without it, our skin continues to crease resulting in permanent lines.”

“We took a protein called ‘Walglerin’ from the Habu snake’s venom and then synthetically reproduced it to a Botox-like compound”

“The amino acids in this synthetic version provides a mild freeze-like effect on muscle contractions and restores structure and elasticity back to our skin.”

“Resulting in smooth and bouncy skin that feels soft to the touch and take years off of your skin.”

-Professor Senko

Habukie™ Garners Worldwide Recognition

When Habukie™ was launched worldwide, this new skin care phenomenon had slithered its way into the world by storm.

In clinical trials involving more than 90,000 volunteers worldwide, 96.5% satisfied users reported drastic improvements in their skin, with a more toned and youthful complexion in as little as 14 days.

68-year-old Evonne was one of the avid users:

76-year-old Giovanna also shares her positive experience with Habukie™:

“I used to have deep frown lines and forehead lines causing me to lose my self-confidence.”

“So, I always try to hide the lines with layers of make-up but it only made the lines look more obvious and my skin also became desert dry.”

“I was on the verge of getting Botox but thankfully I found Habukie™. After using Habukie™, the result was astonishing.”

“The serum effectively pushed my skin upwards and filled in the creases of my stubborn lines. It’s like the serum has reduced my age by decades!”

“Now I can finally leave the house bare-faced with confidence!”


With Habukie™, users can finally enjoy a needle-free way to reverse the age of their skin. It is never too late to achieve the skin you’ve always dreamed of.

Join Azumi and the others who have benefited from Habukie™. Pamper your skin with Habukie™ now, before stocks run out.

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