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Scientists Have Found A Way To Hack Into The Brain To Maximize Brain Function

"I know this sounds crazy, but at 69, I can solve sudoku and cross word puzzles effortlessly and oursmart friends half my age!"

By Dr. Anna Garfield, NYC
Published 3 days ago,

Most people don't know this...

As we get older, our brains undergo a natural process of shrinking.

This involves a gradual loss of brain cells, making it more challenging to establish connections in our day-to-day experiences.

As a result, we may have encountered one of these 'mental hiccups'...

"Why can't I just focus for just 10 minutes?!"

"Where did I put my keys?"

"What was her name again?"

If we do not tackle brain fog at the earliest, it can impact the quality of our lives and lead to other conditions such as Parkinson's disease, memory loss, and Alzheimer's disease.

Thankfully, we've discovered the 'Brain Booster' hack to boost and promote the growth of brain cells by stimulating them to increase the production of neurotransmitters and maximize brain functions.

Mark my words, this 'Brain Booster' is so powerful that after a few years down the road, you’re gonna be on Google trying to look for this page again.

The Ultimate 'Brain Booster' To Effectively Rewire A Foggy Mind 

Recently, I can't help but notice that my attention span has become unbearable. One day I'm fine, but the next day, I can't remember the most common words. I even forget about my appointments and why I walked into a room.

I tried to ignore it at first, blaming it on being too overworked and stressed out.

What's even more concerning is that I was in the kitchen cooking the other day, and I went out for like 5 hours with the food still in the oven!!! Thank God my husband came home and saved the day. That's when I knew I had to do something about my foggy mind.

I spent a couple of hundred dollars on some supplements to increase my memory and focus, but they didn't work for me. I also tried some brain exercises that my friends recommended, but I always ended up getting distracted within minutes. Then, I stumbled upon Clear State of Mind one day and decided to give it a shot.

Clear State of Mind contains ingredients from an ancient Oriental medicine and an ancient biblical spice, which work together to increase the flow of oxygen to the brain cells to enhance mental clarity, focus, and attention. Upon visiting their website, I noticed it had thousands of 5-star reviews.

Join thousands of satisfied users who've bid farewell to brain fog and rediscovered clarity

Biohack The Brain With The 'Brain Booster' For Performance Power

The ingredients in the new 'Brain Booster' formula have fast-acting properties and they contain sesquiterpenes, a brain healing compound.

The formula prevents DNA damage and helps promote the repair of damaged brain cells to prevent the brain from shrinking.

By activating the blood circulation, the 'Brain Booster' elevates brain oxygen levels. Additionally, it supports effective communication between neurons, preserving synaptic connections and stimulating the brain's action centers, leading to improved focus, memory retention, and a sharper mind.

 Of course, individual responses may vary, and while some may experience effects after a few days, the majority of Clear State of Mind users report transitioning from a foggy mind to a laser-focused one in under 30 minutes.

Why Are Psychologists Recommending Ēlysce’s Clear State Of Mind?

It’s been approved & recommended by Doctors

When crafting Clear State of Mind, ĒLYSCE collaborated with diverse psychiatrists to address the challenge of brain fog. These experts joined forces with skilled in-house chemists and aromatherapists from both the United States and around the world, ensuring the creation of a potent, rapidly effective, and scientifically supported formula. Clear State of Mind is endorsed and suggested by numerous doctors, psychiatrists, chemists, and neuroscientists. Its goal is to enhance cognitive clarity by addressing brain fog, promoting optimal mental function without any associated risks or side effects.

Experts At ĒLYSCE Have Been Leveraging The Science of Nature To Introduce The Gold Standard

ĒLYSCE has been featured in countless publications like:

ĒLYSCE is so confident about their essential oil blend that they give everyone 

a 30-day money-back guarantee

ĒLYSCE is so confident in their essential oil blend that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to everyone.They firmly stand by the excellence of their formula, extending a 100% risk-free guarantee to those who choose to experience its benefits.

According to ĒLYSCE, less than 1% of their customers ever utilize this guarantee, and the majority of them become repeat customers after trying it risk-free.

We decided to try it for ourselves—was it all just hype?

Analysis By Abraham Colt

Science Correspondent

Amidst the buzz surrounding ĒLYSCE's Clear State of Mind and numerous success stories circulating, we decided to put it to the test.

Among our curious colleagues, we selected Abraham, our Science Correspondent, to share his journey after using Clear State of Mind for more than 6 weeks.

Clear State of Mind Arrived Within arrived within 3 days

Week 1:

Ever since I got promoted at work, I've been struggling with the workload and catching up on my sleep. I was totally burnt out, and I've been dealing with a constant fog in my mind, making it hard to focus and concentrate on anything. The workload at my job had become overwhelming. I came across ĒLYSCE’s Clear State of Mind and decided to give it a try, influenced by the positive reviews I read.

After about 30 minutes of using it, I felt a noticeable change. Inhaling the refreshing scent, I noticed that my mind seemed clearer and more focused, and I could think more clearly. What's impressive is that I didn't experience any negative side effects. I was able to focus during meetings, and I could approach my tasks with a renewed sense of clarity and concentration

I was happy to find the beautifully crafted box, which has words of affirmations and even an eco-friendly diffuser inside.

Week 2:

I've experimented with various supplements in the past and even tried meditating, and while some initially showed promise, their effects tended to fade after about a week. This made me skeptical about whether Clear State of Mind would be gimmicky as well. To my surprise, it wasn't. I now experience enhanced concentration and mental clarity. Just yesterday, I was able to complete a solid 10-hour workday and still had energy left for other activities afterward – something I couldn't normally achieve! Clear State of Mind has positively impacted my ability to concentrate more without feeling tired.

 I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what else it can do!

I love how revitalizing it smells and pairing it with the Ethereal Diffuser, the scent lasts all day long!

Week 4:

Even after using Clear State of Mind for 4 weeks, I'm still experiencing its positive effects. Before, I would stare into blank space at work or procrastinate and feel completely lost when my boss is talking, but those are a thing of the past because my brain is like a sponge now, and I can absorb information like I used to.

I also like how it makes me feel energized throughout the day. Even when I'm on overtime, I still have tons of energy left, without the side effects of insomnia or feeling jittery like when I drink coffee.

Honestly, I anticipated a decline in energy around the third week as my body would adjust, but surprisingly, my energy levels haven't dropped. They stay consistent throughout the entire day.

I am completely converted and will be ordering more today.

Week 6:

I'm beginning to think about what's in the Clear State of Mind!

My mind feels incredibly clear, and I can remember things with almost perfect accuracy. Gone are the days when I would constantly forget about appointments and meeting details with my clients! It's truly remarkable how much has improved in just four short weeks. I've never felt this sharp in so long, not even during my school days. The transformation is truly astounding.

My daily life, especially my career, has improved. In the past, my friends and family would get on my case for forgetting to reply to their texts or even forgetting that I promised to go out with them. Most importantly, I've been more productive at work, and I'm getting a three-month bonus in a few months' time. I truly owe it to Clear State of Mind.

In conclusion:

I wake up ready to tackle the day, sometimes even before my alarm goes off. It's been weeks since I relied on caffeine just to stay focused at work. Tasks that used to stretch over days now get wrapped up in less than a day, and the crazy part? I'm not even feeling tired.

Because of that, I enjoy my work even more, and my mood has gotten better. My coworkers have started complimenting me on my productivity, and some are even curious about Clear State of Mind, wanting to give it a shot themselves.

But hey, don't just take my word for it—why not try it out for yourself? I genuinely believe it's worth checking out!

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CMS Reports and Safety Data Sheets for Authenticity and Quality Assurance

At ĒLYSCE, we prioritize your peace of mind. That's why we go the extra mile to provide you with GCMS reports for our oils. These reports empower you to verify the authenticity and quality of our products by detailing specific components.

Additionally, our Safety Data Sheets (SDS) offer crucial safety information, providing insights into proper handling, storage, and potential hazards. We believe in transparency and want you to feel confident in every ĒLYSCE purchase.

Rest assured, we meticulously ensure that every batch of our blends reaches you at the utmost quality, reflecting our commitment to delivering excellence and well-being to our valued customers.

UPDATE: After initially posting this story, ĒLYSCE has been flooded with orders and has struggled to keep up with demand. I’d encourage you to order as much as you can to avoid them running out of stock. Click HERE to order now.

Jane Smith - New York

"Clarity Unleashed"

WOWWW This is a game-changer! As a busy mom juggling work and home responsibilities,

I often felt overwhelmed by mental fog. After using this product, I noticed a significant improvement in my focus.

 It's like a foggy window clearing up, allowing me to see tasks more clearly. Five stars without a doubt!

Emma Ray - New York

It's literally the best!!!

Discovering ĒLYSCE’s Rhythms of Inner Peace has been truly uplifting! This product has made a significant difference in my daily life. The soothing scents have completely changed my routine, fostering a peaceful atmosphere that keeps me grounded. I feel less stressed and more centered, making each day a bit more enjoyable. I highly recommend it!

Daniel Rodriguez - Miami, FL

"A Lifesaver for My Focus"

Clear State of Mind truly saved the day for my focus struggles. As a student in Miami, staying concentrated amid distractions was challenging. This product, however, brought a newfound clarity. Studying is more productive, and I can retain information better. It's a five-star solution!

Alex Bourne - California

Stress Relief Delight!

Living in the fast-paced world of California, I was on the lookout for something to help with my anxiety, especially cause I'm having a speech in a few weeks time.. ĒLYSCE’s Rhythms of Inner Peace did not disappoint. The soothing scents have become my daily ritual, and I've noticed a significant reduction in stress levels. It's like a breath of fresh air for my mind. and guess what? I managed to nail my speech without even trembling and drowning in fear!

Grace Thompson - Austin, TX

"From Fog to Focus"

I battled with mental fog for ages until I found Clear State of Mind. It's been a revelation. Living in Austin, where life moves fast, this product has slowed it down for me. My thoughts are clearer, and I'm handling daily tasks with ease. A definite five-star find!

Liam Mason - Texas

Sleep Savior!

Struggling with sleep issues, I decided to try ĒLYSCE’s Rhythms of Inner Peace. The calming aroma has become a nightly ritual, and the improvement in my sleep quality is remarkable. Waking up feeling refreshed is now the norm. This blend is a true sleep savior!

Ryan Patel - New York, NY

"Clear Mind, Clear Results"

This has been a game-changer in the city that never sleeps. The mental clarity it provides is unparalleled. I'm tackling my work with precision, and the brain fog I used to face is history. Five stars for a product that delivers on its promise!

Mia Schnider - Florida

Calmness in Chaos!

Juggling work and family can be overwhelming, but ĒLYSCE’s Rhythms of Inner Peace has brought a sense of calmness to my daily chaos. The aromatherapy has become my go-to for moments of anxiety, stress, and the positive impact on my mood is undeniable. A must-try for anyone seeking balance in a busy life.

Information and statements regarding ĒLYSCE products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition or disease.

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