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Discover The Hidden World Of The Timeless Geishas of Japan

This granny is one of the rare Geishas left in this world. Despite being 78, she is still able to charm audiences with her peerless elegant beauty.

During one of her interviews, an impressed interviewer asked about her age and was shocked.

“How are you able to maintain such youth-like appearance?”

Her reply intrigued many people.

“Being a Geisha is not something easy.”

“We not only have to take care of our daily conduct, but also have a beauty reputation to maintain.” 

“I am not the only one that has such good complexion. In fact, most of the Geishas look very youthful too.” 

- Mako

Unravelling The Ancient Truth

A Geisha’s beauty has been a hot topic for many years, especially so with their glowing baby-skin. This piqued the interest of Dr. Romil Humphrey, a dermatologist with over 37 years of experience who has worked with many world-leading companies.

Dr. Romil couldn’t wait to unravel this ancient secret. He spent weeks staying in remote Kyoto in one of the only remaining Geisha quarters left also known as a Hanamichi. What Dr. Romil discovered was truly shocking…

“In the quarters, they all had smooth and supple skin!”

“What looked strange to me was I didn’t see them using any skincare or cosmetic products”

“Yet I have never seen such great skin complexion in all my years working as a dermatologist.”

– Dr. Romil

Dr. Romil needed more insights into this. He asked around the Geishas in the quarters and approached one of the top Geishas, Hanamura Emi.

The Secret Of Mizuko

Hanamura is turning 63 this year, but her face has no signs of aging whatsoever!

“Geishas have a traditional routine called Mizuko that I still maintain until today.”

“This 200-year-old concept of Mizuko is honoured and passed down since ancient times from one top Geisha to another.”

“Mizuko is a practice of rinsing their face with milky rice and then using a special rice paste as a face mask.”

“The core ingredient is the rice harvested locally. We consume it and even bathe in it.”

“Since then, Mizuko has become not only a practice but a way of life.”

– Hanamura Emi

Dr. Romil was having a hard time believing it at first. But after a week of experiencing the way of Mizuko, the wrinkles on his face have started to fade. He was shocked with the results of Mizuko.

Dr. Romil Realised That It Was A Gem That Has Not Been Discovered

“Modern dermatology has resorted to convenience, with people popping pills and injecting their faces. This has led to more damage than benefits to the skin.”

“Now with the way of Mizuko, I have finally found a solution to achieve peerless skin.”

Dr. Romil immediately flew back to conduct further research. This is what his research found:

“The rice bran used in Mizuko is harvested from local farmlands found in remote Kyoto…”

“They contain a special vitamin B called Inositol. It is a vitamin that helps rejuvenate dead skin cells.”

“Inositol is proved to improve the elasticity of the skin and whitens any dark spot.”

– Dr. Romil

Yet the traditional practice of Mizuko is very lengthy. It takes many years of practice and also preparation and it was done daily to ensure its freshness.

Through experimenting with different methods and techniques, Dr. Romil was able to perfect the art of Mizuko into a face cream. It is made with ease of daily use in mind without sacrificing any efficacy or freshness.

It Is Called Orytas™

“Orytas™ is made with all natural ingredients: rice, oats and spring water, so that it is suitable for even sensitive skin.”

“The Japanese rice and oats in Orytas™ contain high level of Inositol and anti-oxidant.”

“Both of these boost the production of collagen which helps in repairing damaged skin cells, effectively ridding off any spots and lines caused by UV damage and aging.”

“The various natural minerals in spring water such as magnesium and selenium allow the cells to maintain its hydration by balancing the microbiome”

“Returning the skin back to its youthful elastic form.”

– Dr. Romil

Dr. Romil first tested it with the help of Emi, seeking to find her verdict on its effectiveness.

“It was amazing! My skin is glowing like never before. My skin feels so bouncy and soft!”

“The effectiveness far exceeds the traditional method and it is so much more convenient to use.”

– Emi

Emi’s Praise Was Just The Start Of Orytas™

During its clinical trial of 2000 volunteers, they all showed positive outcomes. With 97.3% of them showing immense improvements.

One of the volunteers in the pool was 58-year-old Jolin who had severe wrinkles.

“I’ve had these wrinkles since my late 30s. All the stress and work made my skin so bad.”

“I tried many solutions from Botox to Serums, but these wrinkles were still stuck with me.”

“After I tried Orytas™, everything changed.”

“In just a month, my face was so silky and elastic again. I almost couldn’t believe it! Every time I look at the mirror, I am still amazed.”

– Jolin

Dr. Romil hopes that the benefits of Orytas™ can help everyone.

“The concept of Mizuko has enlightened me. I hope that everyone who is struggling with skin problems”

“Could have the same Mizuko experience as me with the help of a bottle of Orytas™.”

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