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“Melted Woman”: Discover How And Why She Began Her Life As A Granny

This is the “melted woman” who was living a double life. When she was just a teen, she had to pretend to live as a grandmother.

When Michelle R. arrived in the world, she looked like she was decades her mother’s senior.

“Melted” Lady’s Confession

Fast forward to her 61st birthday, nobody imagined that she would begin her new career as a model.

As Michelle gained more recognition in the industry, the women from her hometown became envious and leaked her childhood pictures to the public.

People were confused because in the picture, Michelle looked like a grandmother dressed in a young girl’s clothes!

When asked about it by a journalist, Michelle quoted as she smiled confidently:

“There’s nothing from my past that I am ashamed of. I was born with a condition that made my skin age decades faster than a normal human.”

“Due to my appearance, life was tough since I was young. Growing up, I had no friends and kids made fun of me all the time.”

“Whenever I’m in public, people assumed that my skin was contagious. Once, I went on a blind date and the guy even left halfway. Eventually, I had to live as a grandmother because I was tired of answering people.”

“But I’m glad to say that these are all in the past and no, it wasn’t surgery or expensive skin care that brought me here because I couldn’t afford plastic surgery and my extremely sensitive skin would get rashes easily.”

“Honestly, there were many times that I felt like giving up until I met Dr. Logan.”

-Michelle R. 61, Model

The Emperor’s Favorite Royal Concubine

So, just how did Dr. Logan help Michelle overcome her condition?

Dr. Logan K. is a board-certified dermatologist, with more than 30 years of experience specializing in cosmetic and medical dermatology.

When he first saw Michelle, he was shocked:

“Michelle has a connective tissue disorder that inhibits her body’s ability to produce collagen, which explains why she looks way beyond her years.”

“Although rare, her condition is not uncommon these days due to lifestyle factors like stress, UV exposure, and age.”

- Dr. Logan K., 56, Licensed Dermatologist

After a thorough examination, Dr. Logan instantly knew that his recent research could help her:

“Known as the beauty mushroom, Tremella Fuciformis is a youth-preserving mushroom that has the ability to slow the natural signs of aging.”

“During the Tang Dynasty, it was regularly consumed by Yang Guifei, one of the four most beautiful ancient beauties in history. Her beauty even caused the downfall of monarchs and nations.”

“According to legend, her skin puts flowers to shame. Besides, this ingredient was ground into a paste and applied topically to speed up wound and scar healing.”

“When I studied it further, I was shocked that it could hold water up to 500x! And it is incredibly rich in antioxidants, collagen, and hyaluronic acid.”

-Dr. Logan K., 56, Licensed Dermatologist

Centuries-Old Technique

Realizing how it could benefit Michelle, Dr. Logan created a prototype serum using the highest-quality Tremella and invited her to participate in a clinical research. Despite being skeptical, Michelle accepted this final opportunity.

Months later, the result was better than anticipated. Michelle shared her experience as she shed happy tears:

“This may sound unbelievable, but within the first two weeks, not only did my skin feel more hydrated, but I noticed that the dark spots and the crow’s feet on my face had become less visible!”

“After three months, it’s obvious that most of the deeper lines have also smoothened out! Each crease was filled, and now my face looks bouncy and super smooth! I can’t thank Dr. Logan enough, he gave me the life I’ve always dreamed of!”

-Michelle R., 61, Model

Evelea™: Peptide Collagen Serum

Enthralled, Dr. Logan decided to enhance his formula using the latest steam distillation technology to extract the purest Tremella essence.

That is how Evelea™, an anti-aging and medical level scar treatment peptide collagen serum was born:

“We lose 1% of our collagen per year after age 20. Besides that, lifestyle and environmental factors like stress, and sun exposure can further break down collagen production, which is an essential component for a healthy complexion as it helps the skin cells adhere to each other.”

“If not taken care of, collagen fibers can get damaged and will ultimately cause creasing, sagging skin, and uneven skin tone.”

-Dr. Logan K., 56, Licensed Dermatologist

Evelea™ is a multi-functional peptide collagen serum, powered by hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan extracted from tremella fuciformis, which reduces the appearance of lines and sagging skin.

Once applied, it penetrates deep below the skin’s surface and locks in moisture while stimulating collagen production and healthy cellular turnover to maximize skin hydration and firmness.

Also, acetyl hexapeptide-8 was added to the formula. It works like Botox to further tighten the skin and smooth out creases. High in antioxidants, Evelea™ also protects against oxidative stress to reduce discoloration and improve scar healing.

Evelea™ Garners Worldwide Recognition

The first person to test it out was Michelle:

“Before this, I had to visit Dr. Logan’s lab almost daily and spend more than two hours on a facial to fully absorb the benefits of the prototype.”

“But with Evelea™, it’s incredibly easy because I only need to use two drops once a day and people around me will assume that I had Botox or a facelift!”

“This amazing serum is the only product I use in my daily routine. It gave me the confidence that I’ve never felt before. Weeks ago, I was walking barefaced in the streets and shockingly, a modeling agent gave me his contact number!”

“Without Dr. Logan’s help, I don’t know where I’d be today.”

-Michelle R., 61, Model

Since its launch, more than 426,210 bottles of Evelea™ have been sold. One of the satisfied users is Christine M.:

“Eight months ago, I accidentally poured boiling water on my hand. My grandchildren refused to come near me because of my scars. So, I had to wear gloves all the time.”

“Trust me, I’ve tried different scar removal creams and even lasers but they’re expensive, ineffective, and painful!”

“I thought I had to live with my disfigurement forever until I found Evelea™. It's more than just skin care because after just two weeks of using it, the stubborn mark is now significantly lighter!“

“Not only that, but my hand is also much smoother now. It’s amazing what this small bottle can do, thanks to Evelea™, my grandchildren aren’t afraid to hold my hands anymore!”

-Christine M., 58, Satisfied user

Turning Back Time, One Drop At A Time

In a clinical trial conducted by Dr. Logan, more than 97% of users showed improvement in pigmentation and scars, while 98.9% reported visibly firmer skin and a reduction in lines!

Healthy skin reflects overall wellness and can contribute to one’s confidence. It’s never too late to say yes to taking good care of it. Every hour, more than 850 bottles of Evelea™ are sold and due to the limited availability of the ingredients, stocks are running low.

So, hurry up and click on the link below to find out more!