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Unwanted Media attention Follows Pizza Delivery Guy Online

It started out as a typical Saturday afternoon. Timothy was working his second shift delivering pizzas.

As he headed into the backyard to set them down, he noticed a child swimming in the pool with a floater on.

Suddenly, she turned upside down with her head underwater. Timothy instinctively jumped in, fully clothed and saved the drowning child.

The child’s mother, Kelly came running towards them. In tears, she expressed her gratitude towards this kind stranger.

“I was too far away to save her.”

“I can’t thank Timothy enough for saving my daughter’s life.”

– Kelly

His Act Of Kindness Quickly Became A Joke To The World

Timothy’s heroism was all caught on CCTV and as a caution to all parents, Kelly shared the footage on social media.

Little did she know, it would completely backfire. Timothy’s toupee was seen floating in the pool during the rescue. People began flooding the comments section.

“His toupee needed saving too. LOL!”

“Not all heroes wear capes… or have hair. Hahaha!”

Timothy was overwhelmed with self-conscious emotions. By right, he should feel proud for saving someone’s life. But instead, he was embarrassed for being called out on his detached toupee.

A Long Battle With Hair Loss

Timothy used to be blessed with a full head of hair. Up until his wife passed away then he became a single dad. Taking care of 2 kids alone took its toll.

Shortly after, he lost his full-time job. Left with no other choice, he had to work odd jobs just to support his family.

The financial stress was too much for him to cope. That’s when he started noticing his hair shedding to the point where he was balding. He had to wear a toupee just to cover it.

The Public Humiliation Was The Last Straw For Timothy

He knew it was finally time to tackle his hair loss problem. So, he searched high and low for solutions. From salon treatments to scalp massages and medications. All of which didn’t work.

He’d even considered a hair transplant. But with 2 young kids to support, he simply couldn’t afford it.

With no other solution in sight, Timothy finally accepted the fact that he was balding.

An Unexpected Savior Comes To His Rescue

The video caught the attention of Dr. Warne, a trichologist of over 20 years. Having recently claimed a breakthrough in hair loss treatment, Dr. Warne was hopeful that it would help Timothy too. So, he personally reached out to him to tell him about Fullica™.

“Hair growth energy is deep within the follicles. Hair follicles can go to ‘sleep’ and get trapped in a resting phase. The only way to awaken them is by using powerful nutrients.”

“Fullica™ is a hair serum that’s power-packed with panax ginseng and walnut oil. It works to ‘reboot’ dormant hair follicles by promoting scalp blood circulation while unclogging the follicles that’s caused by build-up due to overuse of hair and scalp products like dry shampoo, oils and sprays.”

“Just massage 2-3 drops into the scalp. The natural ingredients infused will work its way to reactivate hair follicles while strengthening existing hairs so that thinning can be slowed significantly to reveal healthier, fuller hair in just a matter of weeks.”

– Dr. Warne

With Nothing To Lose, Timothy Decided To Give It A Go

To his surprise, he began seeing results. In just 1 week, he noticed lesser strands of hair falling out. A month later, he felt little stubs of hair on his receding hairline. Within 2 months, his bald patches were fully covered with hair.

He even donated his collection of toupees as his hair was growing back in full force.

His Act Of Selflessness Was Worthy Of Media Attention

During an interview, when asked why he still jumped into the pool with an unsecured toupee on, Timothy replied:

“I know how it feels like to lose someone you love.”

“It’s a slow and painful process.”

“I wouldn’t wish for anyone to go through what I went through.”

“That’s why, if I could turn back time, I would still save that kid’s life.”

“Even if it means the whole world having a good laugh at my expense.”

– Timothy

Timothy’s Story Inspires Us To Spread Kindness And Positivity

Till this day, Timothy calls this incident a blessing in disguise because if not for that fateful day, he wouldn’t have met his savior, Dr. Warne.

Since then, he has regained his confidence with Fullica™.

More Than 50,000 People Have Experienced The Wonders Of Fullica™

Timothy’s hair journey is one of the many success stories of Fullica™. You could just as easily be one too.

If you or anyone you know are struggling with thinning hair or hair loss, try Fullica™ and discover healthier, fuller hair like never before.