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Swollen Misery from Lymphedema: Transforming Lives through Effective Lymphatic Drainage

Have you ever noticed how the legs or the entire body look a little swollen? That puffy appearance can be attributed to various factors, including excessive salt intake, hormonal fluctuations, prolonged sitting or standing, and even certain medications. In the worst case, it can lead to lymphedema, which is a chronic condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Yet its occurrence often goes unrecognized.

Figure: Swelling of the Lymphatic System

According to a science journal, approximately 140–250 million people suffer from lymphedema globally. This debilitating disorder happens when the lymphatic system fails to function properly, leading to the buildup of fluid in the affected area and subsequent swelling.

Although lymphedema can occur at any age, it is more commonly diagnosed in adults aged 40 and above. The primary causes of this condition include infections, cancer treatments such as surgery or radiation therapy, trauma or injury that damages the lymphatic system, and genetic factors. Despite its prevalence, a lack of awareness among healthcare professionals and limited access to appropriate treatments contribute significantly to the mistreatment of lymphedema.

A Neglected Case of Lymphedema Will Destroy the Body Eventually

Figure: Worsening Progression of Lymphedema

Swelling that starts to appear in different parts of the body can be attributed to lymphedema. This condition occurs when the lymphatic system, responsible for draining excess fluid from tissues, becomes compromised. There are two primary types of lymphedema: primary and secondary. Primary lymphedema is caused by abnormalities or genetic factors. It is caused by underdevelopment or body malfunctions of the lymphatic system.

On the other hand, secondary lymphedema occurs as a result of damage or obstruction in the lymph vessels due to surgery, radiation therapy, infection, trauma, cancer, or even an unhealthy lifestyle. The hallmark symptom of lymphedema is persistent swelling that gradually worsens over time. In this condition, impaired drainage leads to an accumulation of protein-rich fluid in affected tissues.

One of the worst things that can happen as a result of untreated lymphedema is fibrosis. Over time, excessive fluid accumulation in the affected area causes inflammation and damages surrounding tissues. The constant swelling puts pressure on blood vessels and impairs their ability to deliver oxygenated blood to cells, resulting in tissue death. This fibrotic process can lead to the worst symptoms, such as skin ulcers, chronic pain, limited mobility, and even permanent disability.

Ongoing Research for an Effective Lymphatic Treatment

Figure: Recurring and Painful Lymphatic Treatment Today

Why is it so difficult to find a successful lymphatic treatment when chemists from all over the world are working so hard to develop a cure? Since the lymphatic system plays a crucial role in our immune response and fluid balance, it consists of a complex network of vessels, nodes, and organs that work together to transport lymph, a clear fluid containing white blood cells, throughout the body that sometimes ends up being pus.

So treating the lymphatic system is difficult due to its intricate nature. Unlike blood circulation, which has the heart as its central pump, there is no primary pump for the lymphatic system. Instead, it relies on muscle contractions and breathing movements to propel the lymph fluid. This lack of centralization makes targeting specific areas of dysfunction a challenging task.

Medical Breakthrough of Flushing Excess Fluids in the Body

Figure: Alpha-pinene Regulates and Drains the Excess Fluid from Lymph Nodes

A groundbreaking discovery has emerged in the field of lymphatic treatment as a renowned lymphologist unveils a breakthrough using a powerful compound. Driven by years of research and expertise, the lymphologist has found that alpha-pinene holds immense potential for treating the harmful effects of lymphedema. The introduction of alpha-pinene has revolutionized the available lymphatic treatment available today for those suffering from this chronic condition and has saved them from expensive and painful weekly treatment.

Alpha-pinene is a natural compound found in various plants, like the Italian cypress. What sets it apart is its potent anti-inflammatory properties and ability to improve lymphatic flow as it enters the bloodstream. These two features are crucial in treating the symptoms of lymphedema, such as inflammation, pain, discomfort, and restricted movement caused by excessive fluid buildup. Its vasoconstrictor effect is exhibited by constricting blood vessels, and regulating the blood flow to reduce swelling in affected areas.

The compound interacts with the body's immune cells, specifically targeting the lymphatic system. It works by reducing the production of inflammatory molecules called cytokines and preventing the activation of immune cells called leukocytes, which are responsible for fluid buildup. These mechanisms collectively help to restore the normal functioning of the lymphatic system, providing relief from swelling and improving its condition. The lymphologist extracted the purest substance of alpha-pinene and contained it in every bottle of Carypso™.

In Just 21 Days, A Man Got Rid of Pus Buildup in his Body

Day 1
Mr. Zhang was a cancer survivor. However, he didn’t survive the side effects of his chemotherapy sessions, which disrupted the normal functions of his blood. According to the doctor, he developed a condition called lymphocytosis, where his white blood cells are abnormally increasing, and cause his lymph nodes all around his body to be swollen. This prompted people to avoid him and be scared because of his unusual appearance. He got laid off from work as a chief mason because he was no longer fit to work. Luckily, his grandson came from Europe and shared his discovery about using Italian cypress for his condition. After the first day of using it, Mr. Zhanng felt a tingling sensation on the swollen parts of his body.

Day 10
More than a week passed, and Mr. Zhang was amazed at how effective the Italian cypress was. The swollen parts of his body have grown back to their normal size. It obviously treated the excess buildup of pus around his neck. The pain of lymphocytosis had decreased, wherein before a simple bump or touch of the swollen part would agonize him from the severe pain.

Day 21
Mr. Zhang’s condition showed a big improvement in just three weeks! He was very happy to have his normal life back. The Italian cypress brought him relief and comfort from the bulky appearance and pain brought by lymphocytosis. Now he enjoys the freedom of his movement and could go back to work again. This time he applied to another company, and with his experience, he was offered a job as a furniture sash factory manager.

"Having to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy, I thought my life would never be the same again. The lymphocytosis condition that developed as a result of the treatment left me with swollen lymph nodes all over my body, causing people to avoid me and affecting my self-esteem. I lost my job as a chief mason, as my physical condition no longer allowed me to work. However, fate gave me hope when my grandson arrived from Europe with a groundbreaking discovery. He introduced me to the incredible healing properties of Italian cypress. I was surprised by the remarkable results. I was overjoyed to see my condition improve significantly in just 3 weeks. I am eternally grateful to my grandson and this Italian cypress for being the catalyst for my recovery"

- Mr. Zhang, 52, from Taipei, Taiwan