Leikha - Helia Moon

Enchanting Metamorphosis: From Ghostly Figure to Fairy Tale Royalty

33-year-old Sharon Franklin was born with the most unusual appearance. Half of her face looked completely normal, while the other half appeared as if she had been burned.

For years, she’s felt very insecure of her looks. She’d never allowing anyone near enough to see her, spending most of her life isolated from everyone, and has never even found a partner.

Her story only shed light on how severe her condition was

“None of the specialists I visited could do a thing for me.”

“Even alternative treatments did nothing.”

“I don’t know what else to do.”

– Sharon Franklin

A New Hope

Sharon’s one of a kind case was exhibited in a dermatological conference and caught the attention of Dr. Anna Lawrence, a renowned dermatologist.

Even with over 20 years of experience in the field, she had never seen anyone who had such a condition in her entire life.

So, she decided to take up her case and performed a skin biopsy test and this was what she found:

“Normal skin conditions are reversable.”

“Usually with topical ointments or in extreme cases, laser treatments.”

“But Sharon’s case is unlike anything I’ve seen.”

“Upon conducting an analysis of her affected skin cells, not only is it overloaded with melanin,”

“Which leads to dark and blotchy looking skin.”

“But the melanin production is at a deeper level of her skin, as if she’s been badly injured.”

“Meaning no treatment available right now will work on her.”

– Dr. Anna

A Haunting Journey

Sharon’s condition reminded Dr. Anna of her investigation of ‘Ghost Forest’. It’s said that white figures can be seen lurking around the tall trees.

But during her investigations in this forest, these ‘ghosts’ weren’t the thing that caught her attention. It was actually the villagers who lived in the forest!

Every single one of them she saw had bright, flawless skin, as if there weren’t anyone over the age of 30 here.

Feeling curious, Dr. Anna began asking around the village, and interviewed a young lady… or so it seemed. As she turned out to be 74 years old!

“All these ‘ghosts’ that people are seeing are actually looking at these beautiful white trees.”

“It’s like living in one of those fairy tales.”

“Where humans and nature live in harmony with one another and that’s the key to our fair youthful looks.”

“Our ancestors were believed that we could absorb nature into our skins”

“And thought they could have skins as bright as those trees”

“So, they meticulously ground and processed it for hours before using it on their face”

“Making our skins look so bright and radiant”

“Even till today, we follow this same process to achieve our fairy tale looks”

– Catherine Hampton

Root Of Radiance

Dr. Anna couldn’t believe what she’d been told.

“How could some leaves help them get such fair and young-looking skin?”

But as ridiculous as it seemed, she couldn’t ignore the possibilities. So, she took a sample of the tree back to her lab for analysis.

What she found would change the skin care industry forever!

Results show that this is a very rare species of redwood. It contains levels of vitamin C and cineole that are 10 times more than citrus fruits.

These are compounds known for its anti-pigmentation and skin rejuvenation properties. As they seep into your skin, it halts the production of melanin, the chemical responsible for darkening and dulling the skin.

It also boosts cellular regeneration that giving your skin an always fresh look. This was what gave the villagers’ unbelievable young looks.

Testing it for herself, Dr. Anna could see the results right away

“My face looked so bright I thought that I just had a facial done.”

“And my stubborn dark spots that I had for year now had vanished in just a period of 2 weeks”

– Dr. Anna

Dr. Anna was convinced that Sharon’s condition could also be alleviated. So, she began creating a prototype to enhance the effects of redwood, leading to a faster and more effective treatment.

By using the latest distillation technologies, she was able produce a high concentration of redwood extract and combined it with hyaluronic acid to make it into a serum.

Two Faces Into One

The outcome was better than either Dr Anna or Sharon could have imagined.

“My life has turned around ever since I used this serum.”

“I never thought I’d see the day that I’d look normal.”

“It’s as if someone gave me a completely new complexion.”

“People don’t stare at me whenever I’m out anymore.”

“And after years of failing, I’ve finally got a date!”

“Things are looking up for me and it’s only going to get better.”

– Sharon Franklin

Sunshine In A Bottle

After seeing the success of this prototype Dr. Anna wanted to share this with the whole world.

She refined the serum to enhance its effects further and called it Leikha™.

“Leikha™ works by being absorbed into the deepest part of the skin, where the magic really happens.”

“It first halts the production of excess melanin in the dermis.”

“Preventing stubborn marks or dark spots from resurfacing or remaining, while it evens out those dark pigments to give a brighter complexion.”

“It also promotes fibroblast production in the skin, to heal and grow skin cells at a much faster rate.”

“Tightening skin to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin, leading to clear and younger looking complexion.”

– Dr. Anna

Thousands of Glowing Smiles

Upon completion of clinical trials and the official launch, Leikha™ has been met with tremendous reviews from users all over the world.

One of these happy users are 63-year-old, Carol Booth.

“I’ve tried to take good care of my skin for as long as I can remember.”

“Eating right, practicing good hygiene and face routines.”

“But even after doing all the right things, my skin aged badly, I frequently get acne and red spots all over my face.”

“It was so bad, I always looked years older than I was.”

“Using expensive creams and serums prescribed by my doctor never worked.”

“Neither was anything else I tried… until I used Leikha™.”

“It was like a wave of freshness hit my face, and almost immediately, I could see those spots and blemishes die down.”

“In just a week, my skin looks so bright and clear, it I looks like I always just come out of the spa.”

“Now, I always get compliments and was even flirted with.”

– Carol Booth

With Leikha™, you can live the fairy tale of your dreams today, but due to overwhelming demand for Leikha™, supplies of high-grade redwood is running out and won’t return into production till next year.

So, don’t delay and miss the makeover of a lifetime. Your sunshine complexion is just a click away