Avania - Helia Moon

In today’s incredibly fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, with so much to do and so little hours to do it in, multi-tasking has become part and parcel of today’s working life. We are physically and mentally racing from one task to another. In fact, even when we rest, more often than not, our minds are still working on some task or other before we fall asleep. This continuous mental overdrive strains your mental well-being, resulting in fatigue in the long run.

Give your mind the clarity and peace it needs with Avania™, one drop of essential oil at a time.

Palo De Rosa: Vitality Of The Forest

Made from the concentrated extract of this wood unique to South America, Avania™ is an all-natural essential oil that’s used to ensure your mental performance stays top-notch at all times.

Its aromatic scent triggers the brain to produce hormones that promote mental well-being while suppressing stress-causing ones that inhibit the ability to focus. This enhances your clarity and concentration while also relaxing and calming the mind, helping you deal with stress and anxiety while promoting clearer thinking, improved focus and memory.

All these benefits come together to make sure that your mind is in peak condition all day, keeping you alert and sharp, ready to take on any challenges that come your way.

Benefits Of Avania™

  • Boosts mental ability and agility

  • Enhances cognitive function and memory

  • Improves focus and alertness

  • Reduces anxiety and stress

  • Positively boosts mood

  • Relieves headaches and nausea

Directions For Use

Avania™ can be applied in a variety of ways. The following are some suggested applications:

Massage – Mix a few drops (or as preferred) with base oil and gently massage with even pressure into temple or any other desired area until fully absorbed.

Diffusion – Place 2-3 drops of Avania™ into an aromatherapy diffuser or essential oil burner and gently breathe in this aromatic scent.

Inhale – Simply dab a few drops (or as preferred) onto pillow before sleeping.

Note: For best results, 3 bottles are needed to complete one full treatment.


My father served in the army and his time there left him traumatized. He gets awful nightmares which prevent him from getting a good sleep and sometimes he just breaks down crying all of a sudden. I worry about him while I’m at work. Since I got him Avania™, however, things have been much better. He told me he’s been sleeping better and he’s able to cope with his trauma better.

Robert Kownacki, NY

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I don’t get much sleep at night because of my hectic job. We’re always crunching to meet our deadlines and I always feel like I’m one bad day away from breaking down. At times, my mind feels so heavy and I just struggle to focus on the job. Then our team lead got us Avania™ and it worked wonders! Whether while working, or resting, it makes me feel like I’m in tip-top condition. It’s definitely helped me out at work, I don’t feel so frantic even when deadlines are close and it keeps me focused on what I need to get done. Definitely will get some for myself!

Jessica Wilson, WA

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My job is pretty hectic and I’m always multi-tasking. It feels like I’m always chasing a deadline. I work late a lot and it’s made it hard for me to stay awake at work. I’m always sleepy and muddle-headed even in meetings Then I tried Avania™, and it made a big difference. I’m able to stay up and focus well even with just a few hours of sleep. I also feel much calmer at work, and I can focus even when I have multiple tasks going on. It’s even helped me during my down time, as I find myself being able to relax without anxieties eating at me. It’s really improved the quality of my performance and my rest. I really helps me get the job done!

Brittany Grayson, FL

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